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Miracles Month

Friday, 12 April, 2019 - 1:20 pm

Wouldn’t it be great if G-d would perform miracles for us today as He did for our ancestors in the distant past? I get this question all the time. There are two ways of answering this:

1) Why do we want miracles? Miracles are wonderful displays of G-d’s strength, but they do very little for those who experience them. Take for example the Jews in the desert during the times of Moses. Miracles were everywhere. Did it change them? Did they not rebel against G-d and Moses again and again despite the miracles? Sure, it is exciting to see a sea split and water turn into blood, and it might even have a short term effect on the observers, but in terms of having long lasting effects? Nothing. Nada. The Jews worshipped a golden calf just after witnessing the greatest miracles of all time; the exodus from Egypt, the splitting of the sea, the daily Manna, and most importantly, the revelation of G-d himself at Mount Sinai. So do miracles really change anyone for real and create more committed Jews? I am not sure.

What is even more important to ponder is this: why do we even want miracles to happen? Is it so that we can be one hundred percent sure that G-d really does exist? That would mean that G-d would need to prove His existence for every generation, say every 50-100 years. Because a miracle that my great grandfather experienced would convince him, but would it convince his great grandchild? Perhaps not. And, if the only way to convince us, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that G-d really exists is by Him showing His omnipotence and His ability to alter nature, then He would need to do something grandiose for every generation or two so that they too have no doubts. That is a very immature way to get people to believe in G-d’s existence. G-d expects mankind to mature up and reach a point where His existence and relevance are absolute and unshakable with or without Him having to prove himself all the time. Perhaps we should stop asking for miracles unless we really need them. For example, I have been praying that G-d perform a miracle for my friend who is battling cancer and can use G-d’s supernatural powers to heal him, may he be well and recover quickly. But I am not asking for this miracle in order to convince me of His existence. For that I do not need miracles. Miracles should not be a crutch that keeps our spiritual balance. Over three thousand years of Jewish existence, tradition and Jewish scholarship are enough to convince anyone of the existence of G-d.

2) Miracles do happen and they happen all the time. This past week began the Hebrew month of Nissan. Our sages tell us that the first of Nissan, the month in which Passover falls, is also a Rosh Hashanah of sorts. They explain that the Rosh Hashanah in Tishrei (September) is the New Year for the natural order. Then the world is judged and it is decided whether we will enjoy nature’s gifts of life, health, livelihood and all the rest. Nissan, on the other hand, is the New Year for a higher miraculous order. It is during this time that a higher supernatural energy is revealed; an energy that is the source of all the daily miracles which occur. So yes, miracles do indeed occur, and they are meant to strengthen us and bring greater blessings into our life. They happen either because we deserve them or because we are in need of a miracle and G-d, our loving Father, makes it happen even if we are undeserving.

If you are in need of some supernatural energy in your life, i.e. a miracle, this is the month to tap into this energy and make it happen. Can one of your children use a miracle? Is your business and livelihood in need of some supernatural intervention? Is someone in the family not well and in need of a miraculous recovery? Nissan (this month) and especially during Pesach we can all make that happen. This is for real. I hope and pray that none of us should ever need miracles, but we should be good vessels to receive them nonetheless. We should be blessed with a year full of miraculous supernatural blessings from G-d for ourselves and our families for life, health, Nachas, good livelihood, both materially and spiritually.


Shabbat Shalom


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