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The gift that keeps giving

Friday, 25 January, 2019 - 12:42 pm

“Remember the Shabbos day and keep it holy” reads the fourth of the tenth commandments read in all Synagogues this Shabbos. Oy Shabbos, what a day, what a concept, what a gift.  

There is an old adage that Jews think they kept and observed the Shabbos for over 3,000 years; but, in truth, it’s the Shabbos that has kept and observed the Jewish people for over 3,000 years. How true that is. I cannot even imagine the Jewish people without Shabbos. If you observe it properly, you know what I mean. It is that oasis in time when the messy and out of control world just stops. For twenty-four hours, we are in a spiritual oasis when we turn off all electronic gadgets. No phones whistling and ringing. No email, WhatsApp, text, television and all the other “important” never ending distractions that tear us away from our families, our work, our children, etc. I cannot understand how people live these days without this - once a week - tranquil holy day that makes it possible to stay focused and normal. Shabbos is the greatest gift that G-d has given the Jewish people.

The moment Shabbos begins with the women lighting the Shabbos candles, one feels the calmness that sets in. There is that special glow and beauty that emanates from everyone who just spent the whole Friday afternoon cleaning, shopping, cooking and bathing in honor of the Shabbos. The children that kvetched all afternoon are unrecognizable; it is as if they were just born anew. The tranquility and the confidence that exudes from them is priceless; the family is together and the children know that for the next day they have their parents’ embrace without interruption. Dining together around the Shabbos table is one of the highlights of every Jewish family. The food is divine and tasty of course, and sitting three or so hours with your family and guests is really a gift that keeps giving. Singing and talking between courses creates the special bond between family members that sadly so many are missing in this day and age. And I haven’t even talked about the special Shabbos cholent; now that’s heaven itself, and throw in a good piece of Kishke and you are now experiencing the Garden of Eden. Well, I would not go that far, but a glimmer of the Garden of Eden we do experience when we observe the Shabbos correctly.

I know that so many think that Shabbos is so limiting. You cannot do this and you’re forbidden to do that, etc. While it is true that Shabbos comes along with a lot of restrictions, but that is it’s secret. Those ‘restrictions’ are what allow you and the Shabbos to fuse and enjoy each other. The energy that comes from within can only emerge when the external layers are peeled away. Hence all the ‘don’t do’s’ that accompany the Shabbos.  They are designed to allow the soul uninhibited expression and elevation to higher places. I see those restrictions similar to a beam of laser whose light is so powerful only because the light is restricted into a beam of concentrated light. If the light were unrestricted, it would hardly have any power. The restriction is what gives it power and focus allowing it to pierce through any obstacle. The same is with the light of Shabbos, it is the concentrated energy through the restrictions that unleashes its true spiritual power and energy.

This week let us all try to observe Shabbos with more commitment. Try it and see what happens. It is magic.

Have a wonderful Shabbos.

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