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A Message from Rabbi Spalter

A Year of Blessings from A to Z 

As we all prepare for the New Year and the High Holidays, I would like to wish each and every one of you and your families a very happy, healthy and sweet year. May this year bring you all the blessings you seek and need and may it be one filled with happiness and joy.

I once heard a beautiful explanation from the Rebbe regarding our Rosh Hashanah wishes for a good and sweet year. The words a “good and sweet year” seem to be redundant. If the year is “good” is it not also “sweet”? The Rebbe explained that good and sweet are not always synonymous. Sometimes good is not sweet. He based it on Judaism’s belief that everything that happens in the world is from G-d and everything that comes from G-d is good. Nothing bad comes from Hashem. That means that everything that happens must be good, but sometimes this ‘good’ as it comes down to us from heaven, can manifest itself in such a way that it does not feel good at all. Sometimes the ‘good’ coming from heaven feels very painful. Everyone who lives in this world knows what I mean. There are times when we feel terrible pain, whether physical or emotional, because our health is poor, our business is not producing or our children give us heartache, so on and so forth.

According to Kabbalah the ‘good’ that feels painful and bitter comes from an even higher source within G-d’s reality than the ‘good’ that actually feels good and sweet. The reason that this high level good feels painful is because being that this ‘good’ is from such a high spiritual place, the ‘travel’ downward to our polar opposite physical world causes it to change and manifest itself in a very opposite fashion i.e. a painful and bitter feeling. On the other hand, when G-d’s blessings come from a lower spiritual source, as it ‘travels’ down to our physical world it does not have to change that drastically and it is able to maintain its ‘good’ manifestation; hence it is a good that actually feels good even to us physical beings.

For this reason we wish each other before Rosh Hashanah that we should have a Shanah Tova Umetukah, a good and sweet year. What we are wishing each other is that the good that we receive from G-d this year should be the kind of good that feels sweet. Even if it is a good that is from a lower source, so be it. We want a good year that actually feels good.

With this in mind I want to wish everyone a good and sweet year in all matters from A to Z; a year of Abundance, Blessing, Clarity,  Depth, Excellence, Fulfillment, G-dliness, perfect Health, Independent thinking, Joy, Kindness, Long life, Merits, Nachas, Opportunity, Peace and Quiet, Redemption, Spirituality and Soul-power, Torah learning, Understanding, Victory, Wealth, eXcitement, Yerushalayim, a year full of Zest and a year in which we all reach our Zenith.

May we all be blessed and written into the book of life and everything good.

 Shana Tova

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