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A Message from Rabbi Spalter

Celebrating the Eternity of Our People

This past Sunday was a holiday for the Weston Community as we dedicated a new Torah and brought it into its new home, Chabad of Weston, for the first time. The completion of the Torah, the dancing in the streets, then dancing in the Shul and the following celebration and reception were all so holy and befitting for our most treasured and sacred item in Judaism. I want to congratulate and thank the Chocron family for having had the foresight and wisdom to honor their beloved father Mesod Bar Esther in such a grand and special way. I am sure that this magnificent Mitzvah and honor has caused his Neshamah much joy and a very significant Aliyah/elevation in heaven. I am certain that this Mitzvah and act of Tzedakah will bring many blessings and Nachas to the entire Chocron family for many years to come.

As I was celebrating this momentous event together with our community, I was amazed to see the incredible love and attachment that everyone in attendance had for this new Torah. Of course it is always special to partake in the completion of a Torah, but there is something extra special when you see hundreds of people dancing with the Torah and kissing it with such love. Whether one was fully observant, or not, was not at all recognizable this past Sunday, as everyone equally danced and showed their abounding love for Judaism’s most holy object. Jews shine when they dance with the Torah; it’s as if they are married to it. There is this unexplainable love that exists between every Jew and the Torah.

To me, this past Sunday’s celebration was extremely important. I have been reading the news this past week and the demonization of Israel, the US’s new policy towards the Jewish State, the insane BDS efforts etc. all give the impression that Israel and the Jewish People are heading towards difficult times. I listened to an interview the President gave to an Israeli television station in which he lectured us on the core values of the Jewish State and his concern that we might be veering off track. I heard him talk about the problem his administration will have defending Israel in the UN because of the new government’s unwillingness to create a Palestinian State. In that case, he says, why should the international community trust Israel’s intentions regarding the ‘peace process’. If one did not know better, one would think there is only one side in the ‘peace process’, that of Israel. There is no Palestinian side, they can do nothing wrong. Someone needs to remind the president that just last summer, these people, for whom he wants to create a new state, launched thousands of missiles into Israeli cities and that creating a state for these murderers would spell the end of Israel. Someone needs to remind him that the reason there is a blockade on Gaza (is there indeed a blockade?) is because the moment you allow an open port, they will use it to import all kinds of Iranian (US’s new found friend) missiles and ammunition. Someone needs to remind him that the Palestinians do not want a two state solution. They refuse to recognize Israel’s right to a state or our right to exist. In their charter, they say it openly and in all languages. All this is so obvious to any objective person, but for the politics of the moment and for the anti-Semites who run the BDS movement, none of this makes a difference. 

This is why the celebration of Sunday and all it represents was so significant. It showed me that all the above is a momentary headache. This too shall pass. The eternity of the Jewish people is guaranteed by the giver of the Torah; G-d almighty Himself. As long as Jews are dancing with the Torah with such love and commitment, we have no reason to fear anything. The BDS anti-Semites will fade away as did all anti-Semites before them. Am Yisroel Chai is as true today as it was for the past 3800 years. 

Shabbat Shalom and Mazal Tov to the Chocron family.

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