IMG_2617 (300 of 304).jpgRabbi Yisroel Spalter, who serves as Chabad of Weston’s director and spiritual leader, was born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the nerve center of Chabad Lubavitch. He was educated in Crown Heights and in Detroit, Michigan. He advanced his studies in Yeshiva’s in Israel and California. He received his Rabbinical Ordination from the central Lubavitch Yeshivah in New York.

After his marriage to Leah Spalter (Gopin) in 1990, he was involved in Ezras Achim, an organization that spearheaded efforts to help Jews in the then Soviet Union and after the fall of communism their relocation to Israel and other parts of the world. In 1996 Rabbi & Mrs Spalter moved to Weston, Florida to establish Chabad of Weston. They nurtured the community from its humble beginning in a store front to its present state of the art Synagogue and community center.

Rabbi Spalter can be contacted at 954-349-6565 or by email