The Bat Mitzvah Club Celebration 

The Bat Mitzvah Club ends with an elegant celebration for family and friends of the Bat Mitzvah girl and her family.

A beautiful spread is set up, and the girls and their guests dress elegantly for a Sunday brunch. The Bat Mitzvah girls sit at a beautifully set head table from which they share something they have learned with the crowd, read a portion of psalms that they have mastered (in Hebrew) and receive blessings from their parents.

Guests enoy a delicious, and beautiful lunch that pleases both the eyes and the pallate. The event ends with lively music and dancing.

10 guests (including the Bat Mitzvah girl and her family) are included in the tuition for the program and each additional guest costs $100. The cost for the party is all inclusive and covers photography, food, decor and music.

The Bat Mitzvah Club celebration has been described as both meaningful as well as a blast by both members and guests and was enjoyed by all who attended. 

You can view a full gallery of the Bat Mitzvah Club celebrations of the past here.  

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