The trip to New York

The annual trip to New York has been a highlight of the Bat Mitzvah Club for many years. From the moment the girls board the plane together, until we land back in FLL ariport they enjoy a packed schedule filled with fun, excitement and meaning!

The trip to New York is optional, however it is highly recommended! Girls reminisce about this experience for years after remembering details and laughing together over the wonderful memories.

We will be going to New York for the weekend of March 9-11, 2018, and we cannot wait!

Keep yourself updated with details about the trip here as the time gets closer. 


Sample Schedule: 

6:00 AM   Flight from FLL to NYC
9:00 AM   Arrival in NYC
10:00 AM  Visit the Lubavitcher Rebbe's gravesite for moments of prayer
12:00 PM  Lunch in a Crown Heights Pizzeria
1:00 PM   Visit the Matzah Bakery in Crown Heights 
2:00 PM   Arrive at Host home and prepare for Shabbat
4:30 PM   Shabbat Candle-Lighting
5:00 PM   Watch the prayers at the Synagogue from the balcony above
6:00 PM   Enjoy a delicious 4 course dinner at a gracious host in Crown Heights
9:00 PM   Bedtime


10:00 AM   Wakeup
11:00 AM   Delicious breakfast at a gracious host family
12:00 PM   Experience Shabbat in Crown Heights
1:30 PM     Shabbat Lunch at a gracious host family
4:00 PM     Snack with game and workshop by special guest
5:30 PM     Shabbat ends - prepare for trip to the city
6:00 PM     Take Subway to Times Square
9:00 PM     Dinner at Manhattan Pizzeria
10:00 PM   Taxi back to Crown Heights


10:00 AM   Wakeup
10:30 AM   Brunch at a Crown Heights Bagel Shop
11:30 AM   Visit to the Jewish Children's Museum
2:00 PM     Lunch at a Crown Heights Deli
3:00 PM     Taxi to the airport to catch a flight back to FLL

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