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Who is the BMC for?

The Bat Mitzvah Club is geared towards girls who are celebrating or have recently celebrated their Bat Mitzvah; between the ages of 11 and 13.
The Bat Mitzvah club accepts girls of every background with open arms!

When does the BMC take place?

Bat Mitzvah Club meetings take place every Wednesday (from October to March), for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

How much does the BMC cost?

The cost for the Bat Mitzvah Club is $1,900 for the year. This includes all the classes and supplies, as well as 10 guests for the Bat Mitzvah Club party (including the immediate family of the Bat Mitzvah girl) or a separate Bat Mitzvah service. Smaller charges for additional trips may come up throughout the year. There is an additional, optional charge of $500 to join the Bat Mitzvah Club trip to NY.

Where do the BMC meetings take place?

The Bat Mitzvah Club meetings generally take place at Chabad of Weston, 18501 Tequesta Trace Park Lane or at the home of the Bat Mitzvah leader. There are several meetings that take place at other venues and we also give the club members the option of hosting a meeting at their home. To host a meeting you can contact us at 954-349-6565.

What happens at the BMC meetings?

At each Bat Mitzvah Club meeting, the girls will engage in an interactive workshop about a specific topic pertaining to Jewish women. In addition, they will make a craft that pertains to the topic they learn about. The girls will have the opportunity to create a true bond with their club members both through meaningful conversations as well as time together spent crafting, chatting and snacking on delicious refreshments.

Tell me about the trip to NY!

The Bat Mitzvah Club takes its members on an optional trip to New York for a full weekend. On this trip they will have the opportunity to spend a Shabbat in the warm, Jewish community of Crown Heights in Brooklyn, enjoy a Kosher New York bagel, delicious New York Pizza, visit Times Square and of course visit the gravesite of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to pray and ask for blessings.

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